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Model sheets, again just to get a grip on things. I don't think I'll be too strict adhering to these.
On the next page I already draw both of them very differently -- though at least in the 1920s the fact that that wobbles a little (or a lot) is probably good?
In order:
  1. 1920s.
  2. 1970s
  3. Modern day
  4. Post-apocalyptic.
  5. Flashbacks in post-apocalyptic stories?
  6. 1920s.
  7. 1970s
  8. Modern day.
Two thoughts for myself: I need to figure out the 50s, but maybe the 20s design is actually the 50s and the 20s are just Wobbly. Do eyes need to be consistent in the modern day? Do both of them need either dot eyes or realistic eyes?